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Spanish Old Fashion Cocktail Kit

  • Description

    The premise for this cocktail is to take a classic cocktail and make a few modifications to include Iberian ingredients.  In this case, we are substituting the whiskey for Brandy & we are substituting the simple syrup for a coffee infused golden (sweet) liquor from Spain: Licor 43. The technique remains the same, and it is a great way to introduce some new flavours to a familiar formula.

    This Cocktail Kit is an awesome unique gift giving idea for all occasions.

  • Spanish Old Fashion Cocktail Kit Includes

    • [1] Bottle of Coffee Infused Licor 43 (750ml)
    • [1] Bottle Torres 10y Spanish Brandy (750ml)
    • [1] Angostura aromatic bitters
    • [1] Fresh Orange
    • [1] Step-by-step tutorial with drink expert Kritsofer Sutton
    • [1] Contactless delivery to your doorstep

    Note: This Cocktail Kit makes 13 drinks

    This mix of brandy, liquor, bitters and just a hint of orange thrown in to tease the senses, makes it a perfect slow-sipping drink.

  • Food Pairing

    When thinking of food pairings, the full-bodied flavours of darker spirits make them an excellent match for barbecued meats, desserts with orange flavourings, or if nibbles that are salty to simply balance out the depth of your drink.

    Kristofer Sutton has paired this diverse classic cocktail with Sabor's Chef Kits, creating the ultimate restaurant experience. 

  • Kristofer Sutton

    Been in the restaurant industry for 20 years.  He has done everything from being a bus boy, to an area manager.  He was lucky enough to be mentored by various people in the industry that have helped taught him lots about food, wine & cocktails.  Including his own personal learning. Kristofer Sutton was lucky enough to be part of a fantastic team at North 53, that really helped form the cocktail scene in Edmonton, and have been responsible for creating and maintaining a few drink lists in town.

    Currently Kristofer is working in an area-manager/beverage director role for the Sabor & Bodega restaurant + wine bar group.  He excited to come to work every day and help customers have fantastic experiences trying a multitude of great wines from around the world


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