Chef Kits

Chefs Kits is a unique Chef Table experience in which you get to learn, cook and taste a signature menu item from your favourite local restaurants all within the comforts of your home. 

For the first time ever learn how to cook inspiring dishes that have taken years of perfection from our local Chefs with the farm fresh raw ingredients needed delivered 

Our handcrafted Chefs Kits will consist of farm fresh in-season, pre-portioned, and pre-cut quality ingredients from our local trusted partners.  No need to be wandering the aisles and watching perfects good food expire and go to waste.

Each Chef has carefully hand-picked a wine or cocktail kit that can be added to your Chef’s Kit to create the ultimate Chef Table Experience.

Chefs & Cocktail Kits will be delivered every Friday and Saturday between 11am-4 pm in our insulated eco-friendly boxes. Our packaging is 100% recyclable including, the delivery box, and individual ingredient packaging. Book your Chefs Kit no later than 24 hours prior to date chosen for delivery. Once you book your Chef & Cocktail Kits.

Each Chef Kit comes with a link to a 30-minute online video from the featured Chef teaching you step-by-step with secrets along the way in how to make their signature dish. You will have access to ask the Chef any questions through our online chat on our website which will be answered when the Chef is available. 

Become a part of Alberta’s Culinary history by taking part in this incredible, online chef table experience, and become a true culinary artisan in less than an hour! Date nights and dinner parties will never be the same!