Donut Bike Tours: Sweet Cycling Goodness.

Experience oval dessert bliss on a Chef Table Living Donut Bike Tour. Ride your bike to the city’s best donut shops for a behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating world of donuts. Come sample a variety of fresh, sweet creations and burn some calories on your bike as well. Do-nut miss this dreamy food adventure. Reserve your donut tour spot now.


$65.00 – $110.00 per person



About this experience

3 local stops are included.
Cycling distance is around 12 km in total.
Family friendly, ages 6+.
Includes 3 behind-the-scenes experiences and beverages.

This is a Chef Table Living Passport event. Receive a total of ___ stamps during this fresh food adventure. Collect 30 stamps in total during different Chef Table Living events that qualify, and receive a $___ gift card that can be used for any of our products.