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Duncan Blind Enthusiasm Beer

  • Description

    • Cola and chocolate wafer aroma and flavours
    • Hint of dark cheery in the finish
    • Low bitterness and hop character
    • Dry, clean finish, lingering chocolate

    Who will drink this beer?

    With gentle chocolate wafer notes and low bitterness that is very approachable dark beer. It will please both fans of dark beers, but also folks looking for a unique and balanced beer.  

  • Locally Crafted Beer Includes: 

    • [2] 500ml locally crafted Duncan, Malty Lager
    • [2] Plastic pilsner glasses


    English & German malt, German hops, and German yeast

  • Blind Enthusiam

    Blind Enthusiasm is driven by their passion for great beer and fine food. They have two different breweries (Market Brewery, inside the restaurant Biera and the Monolith) making three distinct types of beer. At the Market brewery head brewer Rob Monk is making crisp ales and lagers as well as complex barrel-aged beers. At the Monolith head brewer Doug Checknita is brewing barrel-fermented beer.

    Blind Enthusiasm brewers always strive for excellence while planning and brewing a beer, allowing the appropriate amount of time to let their beers finish naturally. They don't filter their beers and instead use extended cold conditioning to let our beers natural clarify and mature before release. Blind Enthusiam beers are complex and don't always fit within a certain style but are always balanced and drinkable.

    Has won numerous Alberta beer awards such as gold 2020 for substantially complete, brewery of the year 2018, acme red (Gold 2018), fruitful purists plum (Silver 2020) to name a few.

  • Frequently Asked Questions